WATERMAN Charging System

Electric Charging Stations of the Future

How it works

You can simply park, lock & charge your scooter at one of our stations…

Park & Charge-Station
Park, Lock & Charge-Station


Light electronic Vehicle’s (LEV’s) produce zero carbon emissions. We provide all of our Stations with self generated electricity from our huge photovoltaic fields.


Inexpensive, cheapest charging platform available for any users of LEV’s

Best Service

Easy handling, parking and charging at once, always usable to 100%


About us

We are WATERMAN-charging System.

A German company and the first in Europe who provides Lock &  charging Stations for light electronic Vehicles (LEV’s). The company currently operates in Germany but will come to your City very soon!

We actively seek to build smart cities of the future in Europe.

Our team

Dr. Martin Reinhold

Chief technical officer

Head of research and development for innovative charging Systems and responsable for the CE-Admission.

Oliver Nobbe

Chief Marketing Officer

Head of marketing and distribution.

Dr. Helmut Kueckens

chief Executive Officer

Commercial Management and Contact Person for mobility concepts of public space.

Rainer Schmidt

Senior Technology Advisor

Market Research and Distribution for charging Systems of LEV´s for big Providers.

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